This is the web page of the weekly Oberseminar on Arithmetische Geometrie of Prof. Dr. Michael Stoll joint with Prof. Dr. Michael Dettweiler.

It takes place every Friday from 12:30 to 14:00 in room S82-NW II and is followed by a Tea in our seminar room (

The goal of this Seminar is to give the keys to current and dynamic research topics of Arithmetic-Geometry. It is intended as a research seminar to acquire a precise and clear view of the field, and welcomes students eager of developing their understanding of mathematical theories in a research situation.

Current oberseminar organizer: Solomon Vishkautsan

Programme Sommersemester 2017

  • 28.04 - Laura Capuano (Oxford), Unlikely Intersections in families of abelian varieties.
  • May
  • 12.05 - Michael Stoll, Simultaneous torsion in the Legendre family (an update).
  • 19.05 - Maarten Derickx, Torsion subgroups of elliptic curves over quintic and sextic number fields.
  • June
  • 2.06 - Benjamin Collas, Simplicial homotopy theory for moduli stack of curves.
  • 9.06 - Ran Azouri, Homotopy Theory of Stacks
  • 14.06 - Fabrizio Barroero (U. Basel), Unlikely Intersections in families of abelian varieties and some polynomial Diophantine equations (note unusual day).
  • 23.06 - Pierre Dèbes (Université Lille 1), On the Specialization Process in Inverse Galois Theory.
  • 30.06 - Michael Kiermaier, On the structure of a q-analog of the Fano plane.
  • July
  • 14.07 - David Holmes, Leiden University
  • 21.07 - Konstantin Jakob
  • 28.07 - available

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