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MOLGEN4.0 Animation
Thomas Grüner - Adalbert Kerber - Reinhard Laue - André Ruckdeschel

MOLGEN structure generation
the award winning scientific software for chemistry
Now completely new with a lot of new features!

The program system MOLGEN is devoted to the computation of all structural formulae (=connectivity isomers) that correspond to a given molecular formula, with (optional) further conditions (e.g. substructures). MOLGEN arose from the idea to provide an efficient and portable tool for molecular structure elucidation in both chemical industry, research and education.

MOLGEN can serve very well as the mathematical heart of a program system for molecular structure elucidation, since it provides all mathematically possible candidates that correspond to a given set of chemical data. The present version is completely written in C++.

The system consists of the following components:

  1. the generator MOLGEN for the computation of connectivity isomers,
  2. the graphical molecule editor MOLED for designing the input for the generator,
  3. the display module MOLVIEW for three-dimensional placements calculated by the built-in optimizer using a simplified version of the MM2 energy module.

This version of MOLGEN is no longer available. We are working on a new version for LINUX.

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