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Evaluation of Low Resolution Electron Impact Mass Spectra without Database Search

The program system MOLGEN-MS is devoted to computer aided molecular structure elucidation. MOLGEN-MS is mainly adapted to low resolution electron impact mass spectra but also includes tools which allow to process high resolution data and results from atomic analysis. Even information gained from IR or NMR interpretation can be added. MOLGEN-MS arose from the idea to provide a database independent tool for molecular structure elucidation in both chemical industry, research and education.

In the present version 1.0 MOLGEN-MS consists of the following main components

MOLGEN-MS is written platform independent in C++. At the moment it is available as test version with a graphical user interface for Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0. MOLGEN-MS is not finished yet ! Take a look at the MOLGEN-MS flowchart to see which components are still in preparation.

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