My favourite research topics:

  • Construction of t-designs with prescribed automorphism group (with the Kramer-Mesner method); visualizing t-designs with the help of platonic and archimedian solids.
  • Isomorphism classification of combinatorial objects, especially designs
  • Coding theory: isometry classification of nonlinear and linear codes
A large part of my research is done with the system DISCRETA created by Anton Betten and with the computer algebra system GAP . In particular, we have written an interface between GAP and DISCRETA to connect the group theoretical aspects of GAP and the aspects of discrete structures (especially t-designs) of DISCRETA.

For further information on the method of isomorphism classification, look at my publications.

If you would like to find out more about the research done in Bayreuth, click here .

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last modified: October 13, 2000