Regular solids and DISCRETA:
The dodecahedron, the icosahedron and their derivatives

Dodecahedron (designs)


truncated dodecahedron

midpoints of edges of dodecahedron
(also those of icosahedron!)

truncated icosahedron (the fulleren)

doubly truncated dodecahedron

dual of truncated dodecahedron

edge midpoints of truncated dodecahedron

truncated of edge midpoints of dodecahedron

dual of edge midpoints of dodecahedron

twice edge midpoints of dodecahedron

doubly truncated icosahedron

dual of truncated icosahedron

edge midpoints of truncated icosahedron

We also have a sensitive map of these relations.

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last updated: August 6, 1999, Evi Haberberger