Symmetrica is a program developed by Lehrstuhl Mathematik II of the University of Bayreuth. It has routines to handle the following topics

ordinary representation theory of the symmetric group and related groups
ordinary representation theory of the classical groups
modular representation theory of the symmetric group
projective representation theory of the symmetric group
combinatorics of tableaux
symmetric functions and polynomials
commutative and non commutative Schubert polynomials
operations of finite groups.
ordinary representation theory of Hecke algebras of type An

Symmetrica is a collection of routines, written in the programming language C, through which the user can readily write his/her own programs. Routines which manipulate many types of mathematical objects are available. Their use is facilitated by Symmetrica's object oriented style.

Symmetrica is public domain. To use the routines you need a C compiler. Here you can download the source code

here is a short list of papers mentioning Symmetrica

Here is a collection of online programms written in Symmetrica sorted by subject. Here is a automatically generated listing of Symmetrica routines, you can use online on our server. There is also a directory of online acessable help files.

Send comments or suggestions to: symmetrica (at) symmetrica.de
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