Designs and Codes

April 3-10, 2005


The proceedings appeared as volume 74 of the Bayreuther Mathematischen Schriften. You can buy a copy for only 11 Euro at the home page of the Bayreuther Mathematischen Schriften.

There will be proceedings of the conference, which will appear as a special volume of the Bayreuther Mathematischen Schriften. Every participant is kindly invited to prepare a contribution.  All articles in the proceedings  are refereed in Zentralblatt für Mathematik, Mathematical Reviews, and Referativnis Journal.

List of accepted contributions:
  • S.V. Avgustinovich, O. Heden and Faina A. Solov'eva: On intersections of perfect binary codes (7p)
  • R. Bean, H. Bidkhori, M. Khosravi and E.S. Mahmoodian: k-homogeneous latin trades (12p)
  • A. Betten: Geometric Codes and Hyperovals
  • A. Betten, G. Cresp, A. C. Niemeyer and C. E. Praeger: A search algorithm for line-transitive point-imprimitive linear spaces (16p)
  • M. Braun: Some new designs over finite fields (12p)
  • M. Braun, A.Kohnert, A. Wassermann: Construction of (sometimes) optimal codes (6p)
  • A. Brouwer: Chomp on a binary projective space (2p)
  • C. J. Colbourn and V. R. Syrotiuk: Cover-Free Families and Topology-Transparent Communication (23p)
  • H. Fripertinger: Enumeration of the Semilinear Isometry Classes of Linear Codes
  • H. Gropp: Existence and Enumeration of Configurations
  • P. Kaski:Nonexistence of Perfect Steiner Triple Systems of Orders 19 and 21
  • G.B. Khosrovshahi, R. Laue and B. Tayfeh Rezaie: On large sets of t-designs of size four
  • Klin, Reichard, Meszka, Rosa: The smallest non-rank 3 strongly regular graphs which satisfy the 4-vertex condition (55p)
  • E. Konstantinova: Reconstruction of permutations from their erroneous patterns
  • Lam, Butler, Ma, Loeschner: Constructing Covering Codes via Automorphisms
  • Laue, Vogel, Wassermann: Simple 8-(49,12,lambda) Designs from PSL(4,3)
  • V. Levenshtein: New Problems of Graph Reconstruction
  • P. Lisonek: Enumeration of Codes of Fixed Cardinality up to Isomorphism (10p)
  • S. S. Martirosyan and C. J. Colbourn: Recursive Constructions for Covering Arrays (13p)
  • P.R.J.Ostergard and O.Pottonen: Classification of Directed and Hybrid Triple Systems (19p)
  • M. O. Pavcevic: Constructing a Multiple Series of Hadamard Designs
  • V. Pless: Binary Self-Dual Codes and Formally Self-Dual Even Codes (14p)
  • S. A. Puzynina: Perfect colorings of the infinite rectangular grid (17p)

To submit a contribution please  prepare an article and send a pdf file to the organisers of the conference. After acceptance  you have to prepare a final version TeX  file  of  the artice using the style file of  the  Bayreuther Mathematischen Schriften.  Please submit the article as early as possible as we want to publish the proceedings during August  2005. Deadline for submission was the 17th of April.

Each participant will receive a copy of  the volume. So please keep us informed about your current address.

last change: October 13, 2005.